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The whole world because of the master and pet dog communication failure, or work busy unable to take care of, and eventually abandoned the original case of the beloved dog. In the United States, the world's most advanced pet industry in the most advanced countries, each year will be destroyed 5000000 stray dogs. If you can improve the communication between people and dogs, to build a good ecological environment for the dog, these tragedies will be significantly reduced. In order to this goal, the Tesla technology team in the past, now, the future will be a tireless struggle.
Tesla technology companies are starting from the pioneering period, into the rapid growth period. If you harbor the same responsibility, love, compassion, if your body Pentium with unlimited enthusiasm, passion, the chest containing is the world, driving the belly is ship, trained is a body ability; if historical texts for your dedication, red tape is no longer at the end of your thinking, then please as soon as possible to join us. In your company to contribute at the same time, we also promise to bring you extraordinary opportunities!
We here is the pursuit of excellence, perfectionist, no regrets, dreamers, entrepreneurs, geek heaven and paradise.

Job: JAVA Project Manager
Job responsibilities:
1, is responsible for the Java language based on the server side architecture design, SNS design experience is a plus.
2, responsible for the development of Java core code, and personally solve the system development, operation of the important and difficult technical problems;
3, responsible for the system architecture and framework of the relevant technology to guide and training, guidance system designers, software engineers to carry out system design and development work,
4, responsible for team building and training of team members.
5, responsible for project management, to grasp the direction of product development, to sort out the needs of the project, the use of design tools, the output of project documentation, to guide the development team to write test cases for component units;
Job requirements:
1, 5years of relevant work experience, with the management information system based on the analysis, architecture, design, development, and more than 3 years of practical work experience.
2, proficient in object-oriented system design and development, analysis and design methods, can skillfully use the idea of modular development, familiar with UML and related OO design tools.
3, proficient in JavaEE, a variety of design patterns, proficient in service oriented (SOA) system, in-depth understanding of Webservice, JMS, SSH, JMX, Junit, AOP and other frameworks and technology design ideas and implementation methods;
4, familiar with the use of Mysql and other relational database, proficient in the storage process, trigger, and other mechanisms, as well as familiar with the database optimization, have a good data analysis skills.
5, familiar with the Linux operating system, familiar with data sharing, synchronization and other implementation plan;
6, there are distributed, multi thread and other high performance architecture related development technology experience.
7, familiar with the Web standards, the performance, behavior and data separation has a deep understanding.
8, familiar with WebService, RMI, Json, Web and other RestFul communication technology
9, Hadoop and other NOSQL technology has a certain understanding
10, solid data structure and algorithm, strong expression ability and communication skills

    Job: Android Development Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the design and development of Android platform application program;
2, according to the test results and user feedback, to improve and optimize the product;
3, according to the development scale and process to complete the application design and encoding, testing and the preparation of complete technical documentation;
4, responsible for the maintenance of good follow-up products and continuous upgrading.
Job requirements:
Two has 1 years of Android development experience; have a strong learning ability and system analysis ability; have the experience of independent development of android.
2 proficient in Java/C/C++ language; familiar with Android system architecture, SDK or NDK and development process;
3 a deep understanding of the architecture of Android, master Android interface rendering, background operation, data storage, network communications, etc.;
4 understand the basic principles of object-oriented design, familiar with common design patterns;
5 have good team work spirit, good communication and understanding ability;
6 experienced in the development of a Android client software, have independent Android product development experience;

    Job: pet Behavior Analyst
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the dog's psychological and physiological behavior research, and write the project report
2, the organization of the project research and discussion, according to the discussion framework and positioning, the independent project data analysis and writing report
3, take care of the dog's daily life
Job requirements:
1, graduate students and higher education, animal behavior, biology and other related majors preferred; undergraduate related professional research data can be relaxed conditions
2, engaged in teaching, research and other work for more than two years
3, in the provincial or municipal core journals published in the paper is preferred
4, strong language expression ability, can skilled use of word, Excel and other office software writing report
5, active thinking, innovative, with the entrepreneurial spirit, there is an ideal, a sense of team
6, must love pets!

    Job: JAVA Engineer

Job description:
 1.3 years working experience, 2 years working experience in Internet Co.
2 master JAVA language development standards, master Spring and other mainstream development framework, to understand the server side development and working principle.
3, familiar with the Linux operating system, familiar with the Linux platform and Java container load balancing scheme, familiar with data sharing, synchronization, etc.;
4 understanding of multi threading, Java foundation is solid, have a certain understanding of JVM
5 familiar with SQL, familiar with the common relational database, understanding of the transaction system, the principle of distributed transaction system, understand the SQL optimization, NoSQL database using experience is better;
6 understand Tomcat, Apache configuration, HTTP protocol and Servlet have a deep understanding;
7 best familiar with Maven, Git, SVN or CVS experience, familiar with Git is preferred;
8 preferably familiar with Linux platform, familiar with script shell;
9 best able to sort out the project requirements, the use of design tools, the output of the project must be the project document.

 Job:Copy planning
Job responsibilities:
 1, related work for at least 2 years, the Internet industry copywriting experience, good writing, proficient in activities planning, proposal writing, project plan.
2, responsible for the company's Web site, products, advertising copy, promotional activities, network marketing, media, soft, planning, implementation, management;
3, responsible for the company's news articles, media, soft Wen, brand public relations writing work;
4, responsible for the product brand advertising copy of the planning, responsible for online media platform, the portal website of the soft Wen writing and brand promotion copy work;
5, responsible for the company website, product catalogs, corporate culture, brand management, etc..
Job requirements:
1, Chinese, news, e-commerce, advertising and other related professional;
2, advertising company work experience (focus on product promotion planning and design of advertising companies);
3, with excellent writing skills, a strong creative thinking ability, creative concepts and good communication skills;
4, able to accurately capture the product highlights, with appropriate text performance;
5, the market has a strong insight, the Internet industry brand communication has a close attention to the Internet marketing, microblogging, micro channel and other emerging mobile internet marketing promotion have to understand;
6, good coordination, communication, organizational skills, personality, cheerful, with good affinity and influence, work initiative, creative, strong spirit of development and teamwork, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Job position: Project Manager
Report to: General Manager
Job responsibilities:
1. responsible for the organization to complete the project needs research and analysis, the formation of user and software requirements specification.
2. responsible for organizing system architecture design, development work, and monitoring and guarantee the quality of work.
3 .according to the company's management requirements, responsible for the development of effective project plan, quantitative tasks, and reasonable allocation to the relevant personnel, and responsible for project monitoring, communication and other work. all stages of project implementation, the project is responsible for the effective management of project progress, cost and quality, coordination of internal and external personnel, resources, in accordance with the contract to complete the delivery.
5. responsible for organizing the preparation of project related documents; responsible for the organization of the project inspection, final inspection work.
6. to assist the Department Manager to set up the team, the staff recruitment and training, etc..
7. cooperate with marketing activities.
8. assume other tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1, computer, electronic commerce, mechanical engineering and other related professional undergraduate degree or above, more than 5 years of experience in the software industry or intelligent hardware industry, more than 2 years project management experience;
2, strong team management, organization and coordination ability, can actively scheduling team initiative, reflect the leadership team management ability, technology influence;
3, strong data analysis and document writing skills
4, be good at determining the user needs and converting it into the process of product demand, can complete the needs of the document, the need to complete the prototype;
5, dedication, patience and responsibility.
6, University Bachelor degree or above, outstanding person can relax the academic and professional requirements;
7, a large and medium-sized project or large and medium-sized project key modules of the design experience, the Internet industry B2C project development or management experience is preferred.

     Job: Software Product Manager / Manager
Report to: Department Manager / General Manager
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for online Android APP, IOS product demand design, prototyping, interactive process design;
2, responsible for the analysis of online user behavior data, mining potential user needs, design product evolution path;
3, responsible for the product line, responsible for the product whole process time node to control, timely detection and processing of the on-line process of time risk;
4, responsible for reporting the project core data and project progress;
5, responsible for coordinating the work of various departments within the project team to carry out;
Job requirements:
1, bachelor degree, 3 years of mobile Internet product development experience, a team management experience is preferred;
2, with IOS and Android platform for product management and operational experience, the end product of UI/UE has a profound understanding, the pursuit of perfect user experience;
3. Familiar with the related process of mobile product design, including functional analysis, prototype design, interface development, usability testing, etc.;
4, good at coordination and cross sectoral cooperation, excellent communication skills and strong ability to work under pressure;
5, willing to accept the challenge, work in the problem and solve the problem, have a strong sense of responsibility;

Job: animal lab supervisor
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for laboratory construction, functional area planning and design, experimental equipment purchase;
2, overall laboratory design, responsible for specific experimental arrangements;
3, responsible for laboratory management and personnel work arrangement;
4, the development of product standardization of testing process, test project, document output and management;
5, responsible for the related experiments, provide testing reports and data analysis;
Job requirements:
1, treat the dog has a love, a sense of responsibility, have a better experience in dogs;
2, a pet behavior research, animal experiment 3 years of team management experience or related to the pet industry experience for more than 3 years;
3, familiar with the operation of office software, experimental software and with the preparation of the experimental plan and report ability;
4, personality, cheerful, active, strong communication, coordination and organization skills;
5, for the people, and pay attention to team work;

   Position: Marketing Supervisor / Manager / Director
Report to: General Manager
Job description: responsible for the company's brand building and product marketing
Job responsibilities:
1, the organization to carry out market research, the development of marketing strategy planning and marketing strategy;
2, the organization to carry out various marketing and brand activities, enhance the visibility and reputation of company;
3, collect and analyze market information, and conduct effective screening, the organization to establish and improve the customer database system;
4, regular organization of customer resources for classification and value analysis;
5, build and maintain good media relations, to ensure the effectiveness of brand communication and extensive influence;
Job requirements:
1, university degree or above, have good writing skills, advertising, public relations, media, network marketing, work experience, 5~10 years of relevant industry experience;
2, with excellent social media integrated marketing planning ability, able to complete the brand or product marketing program;
3, with a strong team training ability, training and training team members to grow rapidly, planning the whole team's long-term management plan;
4, there is a certain industry resources and social relations;
5, familiar with the Internet, or pet industry formats, to understand the media market;
6, solid writing skills and writing skills, a strong sense of innovation and marketing capabilities;
7, there is the spirit of entrepreneurship, there is an ideal, love pets;

Interview place: Shenzhen City, Nanshan District coconut street 3A-12 Valley City

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