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Mr. Ben Wong & Mr. Andrew Cheung, two talented and experienced people join HKTTL

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Good news, we welcome Mr. Ben Wong & Mr. Andrew Cheung joined Hong Kong Tesla Technology Ltd. Ben Wong was the chairman of China Household Holdings Ltd, and Andrew Cheung was director of Optimus Marketing International, they were appointed as General Manager and Sale Director of HKTTL. Respectively, this combination will bring HKTTL & T-Pai to a new breakthrough !


In the near future, we will announce more news about our product development and marketing aspects.  Please pay attention, thanks.


Ben Wong

General Manager, Hong Kong Tesla Technology Ltd.


Working Experience

- Chairman, China Household Holdings Ltd


Major Accomplishments:

2013 Yearly Excellent Entrepreneur

2013 Houseware Industry Excellent People 


Mr. Andrew S. Cheung

Marketing Director, Hong Kong Tesla Technology Ltd.


Working Experience

- Marketing Director, Connect 2 Golf

- Marketing and Operations Director, VIA Life Limited


Major Accomplishments:

Vice Chairman, Shenzhen General Chamber Commerce

Director, SZGCC Golf Club

Deputy Secretary-General, Shenzhen Mobile Phones Association

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