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Hong Kong Tesla Attended the 2015 InvestHK Annual Cocktail Party

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December 8th 2015, Hong Kong Tesla Tech. Co. was invited to attend the 2015 InvestHK Annual Cocktail Party. 

This was the second time that HK Tesla got invited to attend the party. Three Tesla representatives communicated professional experiences with all parties and introduced our Dog PC, PC of enlightenment that solves dogs’ mental needs, to all attendees. Chief Secretary for Administration Yue’e Zheng and Director for InvestHK Peinian Jia also took photos with our representatives. 

In the past couple years, with the coordination and support of InvestHK, HK Tesla has gained a lot conveniences and advantages in doing business in HK and has reached to many business partners. All of these has boosted HK Tesla's rapid development. 

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