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Tesla team from Hong Kong praised by leaders of 14 cities in Liaoning

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Tesla team from Hong Kong praised by leaders of 14 cities in Liaoning



Tan Zuojun, member of the standing party committee and vice governor of Liaoning province led leaders of 14 cities of the province to come to inspect the innovative mechanism of the Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Area in November 7. He expressed that the delegation will faithfully learn the experiences of Qianhai, and use them in the revitalization of the old industrial bases in Liaoning.

Use the Qianhai experiences in the revitalization of the old industrial bases in Liaoning

The Liaoning delegation visited the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, Qianhai exhibition hall and the outer seawalls. Tianfu, director of the Management Committee of the Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Area, and Du Peng, member of the leading party group of Shenzhen Municipal Government and director of the Qianhai Management Bureau, introduced the innovation of Qianhai in eight aspects to the guests, answered their questions and gave suggestions on the revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China. 

Tan Zuojun said that Qianhai is the window of reform and opening up of Shenzhen in the new era. The Liaoning delegation came to learn the advanced experiences from Qianhai, locate the right goal, change working style and increase efficiency so as to make full use of the respective advantages and features of the cities in Liaoning and apply the Qianhai experiences in the revitalization of the old industrial areas in Liaoning in a pragmatic manner to accomplish the task given by the Central Government of revitalizing Northeast China.

Liaoing leaders praise Hong Kong’s Tesla team

On that day, Tesla which moved from Hong Kong to Qianhai and regarded as the representative team at E-hub, received the Liaoning delegation and introduced the profile of the company, demonstrated its products and explained the cooperative mode with E-hub to it. On the spot, the guests shown great interests in Dog PC, which is designed by the company specially for pet dogs. Talking of this product and its market potential, Liu Wenxiang, co-founder of Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited, said that there is a huge market of pet dogs. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently as many as 400 million pet animals across the world. Thats why were very optimistic about the market for our Dog PC worldwide in the days to come.

Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited is a scientific and technological corporation which is dedicated to research and development of education and game software as well as the Dog PC for dogs. It has got good comments from American media at the grand conference for American large innovation companies recently. Dog PC, a touch screen PC, is designed on the basis of the engineering, behavior and psychology of dogs, and provides dogs with audio and video programs, games and learning APPs which are applicable for their behaviors, seeing and hearing and psychological features. As the result, it can effectively alleviate the separation anxiety of dogs and enable them to get the skills of adjusting the psychological pressure, while assisting the owners to get access to more funs in the raising of pet dogs.

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