Our Solutions

Auto Toilet
Dog owners hate to clean dog feces. It's more disgusting if it happens outside on the street. T-Pai, which carries an auto toilet, can solve these problems in a systematic way.

Designated Defecation

Before delivery to the users, Tesla will provide one-month free training in order to teach the pet dog how to use T-Pai, including the operation of gateway and auto feeding device etc. The most important thing is to train him using the auto toilet. Also, T-Pai users can do the training at home all by themselves with T-Pai. There's feces-luring liquid (odorless & colorless) in the T-Pai toilet. Therefore, when the puppy smells it, he will feel the urge to poop. In addition, with the PC-controlled gateways in T-Pai, you can use different settings to guide the dog. For example, you can let the pet dog go out of T-Pai only after he finishes eating and pooping. After a certain period of time, the pet dog will get used to this pattern.

Auto Detecting and Sterilizing

In the defecation area of T-Pai, there are auto detectors to initiate auto washing and sterilizing program once there is feces on the toilet pallet. Now you do not need to suffer from the puppy odors at home. Usually, dog owners have a problem dealing with puppies at home when they're out for a couple of days. Even there's an auto feeding machine to keep the pet away from starving, it's still a headache to keep the house clean. If there's a T-Pai at home, all these are not troubles anymore! 

Auto Feeding

Taking care of a pet dog takes time and efforts. Moreover, working and traveling schedules are always disrupted because the pets need to be fed. T-Pai's auto feeding features now can feed pet dogs and record the food consumption, which is helpful for its health condition analysis.

Remote Settings

T-Pai users are able to set the feeding time and food volume via PC/phone/iPad, etc. When the feeding time comes as scheduled, T-Pai will release food automatically so that the puppy can enjoy his meals! 

Food Storage

What if it is running out of food? Don't worry! The food tray is large enough to store one-week demand for a normal-sized puppy.

Diet Record

Do you want to know how much does he eat recently? Is he putting on weight? Now please check his diet record in T-Pai system and find the answer on your own.

Multi-Media Interaction
As pet dog owners, we should not only take care of puppies’ daily diets, but also their emotions. Usually, the puppy is full of energy and messing around at home or run wild outside. Once owners left, they become unhappy and frustrated. With T-Pai's online interaction platform, we can keep a close eye on pet at home while we're out. It's also a good feature for pets to kill their extra energy too.

Online Interaction

With T-Pai's online interaction feature, we can see what's going on through T-Pai or chat with the pet anytime, anywhere. Now we can have real-time interaction with pets.

Entertainment Game/Education Course

T-Pai has a Pet-Station (game system), which provides games and education courses for pet dogs, thus they can release their overwhelming energy and feel emotional satisfied or become smarter by taking the intelligence-developing courses. After the courses, owner could communicate with their pets easier.

Pet Dog's Public Toilet

Although some houses may not have enough room to set a T-Pai, or people cannot own a T-Pai due to some reasons, they can buy a T-Collar if there is a T-Pai in the community for public use. All pet dogs that fit the size of T-Pai can use T-Pai's toilet with T-collar at cost.

Public T-Pai's service provider will get profit every time T-Pai being used as there is an auto charge toilet for pet dogs. This will create a good commercial for the city.

Stray Dogs Helping Center

T-Pai creates a communication platform for human and pet dogs by enhancing their interactions. T-Pai can reduce the possibility of pet getting abandoned and minimize the animal euthanasia of stray dogs.

Public T-Pai in the community is also a supply station of survival necessities for pet dogs. If you want to help save a stray dog, you can buy him a T-Collar and pay for his expenditure. This kind of new way of salvation will definitely help more dogs with love!